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Open Bore Hole

Open bore hole systems utilise water where present within the chalk,sandstone, limestone, coal measures or other water yielding strata. Where there is sufficient land to install an abstraction and recharge system, water is abstracted via a submersible pump located within the abstraction well up into a stainless steel plate heat exchanger.


Heat is then transferred into the secondary side of the system otherwise known as the load side and then discharged back into the strata via a discharge well. Depending on the flow rates required the abstraction and discharge wells are placed approximately 80m apart to limit the amount of hydraulic interface between the 2 wells.

Key Benefits

  • Also suitable for abstraction and recharge to waste.

  • Designed to work with ground source heat pump systems to produce high COP’s

  • Free cooling options for free under-floor heating

  • Large capacity systems obtained from a small diameter single drilled bore hole

  • Can be integrated with a closed loop system to enhance capacity and system efficiency


RHI Energies can offer a complete turnkey package for the supply and installation of open loop bore holes.

  • Starting with a feasibility study to establish if the site is capable of abstracting water to meet the building load requirements

  • Completing applications to the Environment Agency dealing with licensing application documentation

  • Preparation of the drilling specification

  • Drilling of the bore hole, airlifting and acidisation

  • Pump testing to the Environment Agency requirements

  • Chemical analysis of water to establish the water quality

  • Submitting full risk assessment reports to the Environment Agency for licences

  • Identifying, supplying and installing the submersible bore hole pump and riser systems

  • Heat pump supply and installation including interconnecting pipe work

System Options

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling heat pumps

  • Water to direct expansion (VRF) solutions

  • Heat recovery heat pumps

  • Passive and active free cooling options

  • 60 degree C domestic hot water supply

  • Solar water pre-heat for ground loop optimisation.

  • Hybrid systems optimising closed loop and dry coolers

  • Integrated ice storage cooling capabilities to reduce peak loads

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