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About RHI Energies

A Better Tomorrow

In an ever-changing marketplace, RHI Energies was established to provide energy-saving systems to reduce carbon footprint and to reduce the amount of CO² within mechanical heating and cooling systems.

RHI Energies is accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) for the design and installation of ground source systems. RHI Energies assesses your requirements and engineers ground source borehole systems coupled with solar and ice storage to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions. Using the latest design software and latest techniques available in the market, savings of up to 45% on power consumption can be achieved on a well-engineered ground source system against traditional systems currently being used.

We source a variety of technologies and products to ensure that every installation is maximising its energy efficiency. RHI Energies focuses closely on reducing energy consumption and this is where we are making a real difference to the environment. Reducing power consumption equates to a reduction in emissions which benefits the environment twofold.

RHI Energies can offer the following systems:

  • Vertical closed loop ground source system design and installation

  • Horizontal closed loop ground source system design and installation

  • Open bore hole abstraction and recharge design supply and installation

  • Open irrigation bore hole supply and installation

  • Geoplate (water-based) ground source system design and installation

  • Hybrid systems using ice storage and dry coolers.

  • Solar panel supply and installation.

Go Green

All over the world non-renewable energy resources are still being used up.

Climate change has a major influence on how we now approach the development and operation of buildings such as offices, retail outlets and residential premises.

What is Geothermal

RHI Energies is unique because it takes a long-term approach to eco-friendly heating and cooling.

Geothermal energy is a natural resource that can be used to conserve energy and environmental impact.


Ground Source Pump Frequently asked questions.


Ground Source Glossary



RHI Energies group are currently being assessed by ACAS for their ISO 9001 certification. RHI is working to achieve a higher level of management excellence in its quality management systems through the implementation of this accredited process.


RHI Energies has been accredited with the IGSHPA designer and installer certification. This ensures that the highest levels of workmanship are used in the design and installation work. Continual monitoring and training is undertaken every year to enable the latest techniques and design software to be implemented to achieve the high standards required as an accredited designer and installer.

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