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Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa


Why RHI Energies?


Government targets for renewable energy have been established in the Government White Paper (2003) and Planning Policy Statement PPS22: renewable energy (2004). These have provided the national planning framework for promoting and considering proposals for renewable energy and encourages local authorities to consider the opportunity for developing renewable energy projects.

To help meet the national and regional government renewable targets, major proposals for employment, retail and residential developments are required to incorporate appropriate renewable energy heating or power systems. In many parts of the UK new commercial and public developments over a certain size are required to provide at least 10% of their energy requirements by renewable means.


Ground source heat pumps provide an efficient renewable energy source. RHI Energies uses quality proven reliable products to enhance the overall ground source heat package. With leading manufacturers in the market place we provide flexibility in offering the client packages on a site-specific basis to help meet renewable targets specified in local authority planning legislation.


Save Energy

  • High Coeffiecient of Performance (COP) obtained in both heating and cooling modes

  • Energy-efficient control packages

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Free cooling solutions enabling even greater seasonal COP

  • Water loop allows heat gain and losses to be balanced to enable heat to be removed and transferred


Save the Environment

  • Renewable energy source

  • Low CO2 emissions to meet new government regulations

  • Low quantities of non-ozone depleted refrigerants used

  • Low liability for carbon tax

  • The government has introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive to help reduce carbon emissions over the next 20 years. The scheme’s incentives help reduce energy bills by using this type of technology.

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