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Image by Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

Go Green

All over the world non-renewable energy resources are still being used up.

Climate change has a major influence on how we now approach the development and operation of buildings such as offices, retail outlets and residential premises. Prompted by the media and more recently the government, major manufacturers of air conditioning and heating equipment have been focusing their attention on reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and CO². RHI Energies saw that there was a market requirement to reduce the non-renewables that were being consumed in preference to high-energy-saving solutions. RHI Energies was formed to provide eco-economical heating and cooling solutions – renewable energy alternatives, designed to meet and exceed government targets.

In Europe, where energy is scarce or expensive, eco-friendly heating solutions are already being utilised and are being developed further. Solutions such as wind, solar, and biomass have been installed for many years but we believe that ground source solutions can offer the most effective long-term energy savings based on life cycle costing.

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