Ikea – Exeter

Ikea Exeter was a fast track project comprising of 16 bore holes drilled to a depth of 200m. The simultaneous heating and cooling system was achieved by 3 off 65kw heat pumps with a supplement dry air cooler meeting the peak loads.

3 Screen Cinema – Lewes

Consultant: S.G.A. Consultants
Main Contractor: R Durtnell & Sons

The Project

The 3 screen Cinema came about from a group of local residents passion for the arts and film industry , there goal to bring to the community innovative independent contemporary classic’s and world cinema productions making the venue prominent within the South East of England with special events, guest speakers, workshops and an educational facility.

The Cinema has a water cooled simultaneous cooling and heating system serving hot water, cooling, and heating from the 150kw heat Pump. 12—200m closed loop bore holes were installed and connected to the system.

The high efficiency of the simultaneous heat pump gives a COP of 6.5 when in heating and cooling mode.

Home Park Road. London

Project Value £180,000

RHI Energies has been awarded the installation of a ground source heat pump system with vertical closed loop bore holes to a depth of 125m into a prestigious home providing simultaneous heating and cooling. More details to follow….

Radlett Place. London

Project Value £455,000

RHI Energies is to install 25 vertical ground loop bore holes to a depth of 200m for a ground source heating system. Ground source heat pumps will be connected to the loops to provide simultaneous heating and cooling to fan coil units. More details to follow….

ISO 14001

RHI Energies is currently being assessed by ACAS for their environmental certification. RHI Energies believe that savings start from the work place and go through all the way to installation in order to achieve the best environmentally friendly results.


RHI Energies is currently being assessed by ACAS for a health and safety certification. RHI Energies believes that the employees working on construction sites need to understand the continual adjustments required to make it a better and safer working environment. We will undertake to work very closely with all our clients to ensure that this is achieved.

Government’s new incentive

We are pleased that the Government’s new incentive has been introduced, The Renewable Heat Incentive offers businesses an income for periods of up to 20 years which will help to offset initial installation costs .Ground source heat pumps systems of under 100 kW will receive 4.3p for every kW hour of heat produced over 20 years. Systems over 100 kW will receive 3p per kW hour of heat produced for 20 years. There is no upper limit to the size of the scheme to attract the 3p KW tariff.

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Renewable Heat Incentive Web Site Launched

Everything you need to know about the Renewable Heat Incentive: how it works, what systems are eligible, how to register and a whole lot more… click here