RHI Energies Group Ltd, ground source heat pump and geothermal systems specialists

The effect of climate change globally is having a significant impact on the construction industry.

RHI Energies can provide the best technical solutions within the heating and cooling industry, using the latest developments. RHI Energies has over 15 years of experience in the market place, and achieved in 2007 accreditation to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) in the design and installation of ground source systems. RHI Energies is currently one of only two companies that are designers accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association for the design and installation of ground loop systems.

RHI Energies is able to offer system solutions supported by a reliable and proven product portfolio. It offers the following services:

  • Detailed feasibility studies.
  • Thermal conductivity assessments.
  • Accredited design of ground source and hybrid systems.
  • Installation from drilling through to heat pump installation.
  • In-house pipe work design and installation
  • Pressure testing, flushing and commissioning of system.

Ground source heat pumps

High efficiency ground source heat pumps provide wintertime heating by extracting heat from the ground and transferring it to the building. During the summer months, the process can be reversed so the heat pump extracts heat from the building and transfers it to the ground. Transferring heat to a cooler space takes less energy, so the cooling efficiency of the heat pump gain benefits from the lower ground temperatures. Learn more about ground source heat pumps here.